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A singular focus on excellence in family law advocacy.

We are a family law, trial and appellate litigation firm.

Let us begin by letting you know that we understand this is the most urgent and most important challenge in your life. You need experienced family counsel to provide strategic guidance and unflinching advocacy. You’ve come to the right place.

We begin every file with a view to resolving family law disputes quickly, fairly, and cost-effectively. Our firm has several decades of experience in alternative dispute resolution processes, providing us the ability to critically assess the interpersonal dynamics that play into complex family law matters. We leverage this significant competitive advantage to generate comprehensive and robust solutions that often allow clients to avoid having to resort to court. 

When court is necessary, our extensive litigation experience ensures that our clients receive skilled, assertive counsel. We have a significant track-record of reported court decisions covering many areas of family law, including decisions related to custody and access, spousal and child support, and division of property.

As the breadth of our litigation experience spans not only family law, but also civil litigation, we are able to pursue traditional civil remedies in family proceedings. As an example, our prior experience in commercial disputes allowed us to move quickly in court to obtain a global Mareva injunction order (i.e. an order freezing a spouse’s assets), in a case where a spouse had fled Canada to avoid significant spousal support obligations and court costs.

We are frequently retained in high net-worth family disputes involving individuals with complex asset or compensation structures, as well as family disputes with cross-border and international issues. 

Beyond acting as litigation counsel for our clients, we frequently receive referrals from other family lawyers seeking trial counsel or pre-trial opinions for their clients. 

Our firm makes extensive use of technology and we recently conducted a multi-week trial remotely by video conference. While we are always willing to meet at our office, we are also able to offer virtual legal services for clients who prefer to work with us remotely. Our commitment to technology allows us to assist clients located anywhere in the world, with their Ontario family law issues.

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